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Early Sixteenth Swords

         2161  Sword.   Italy, late Sixteenth Century.  Steel hilt with ring protections for the hand.   Decorated steel pommel.  Iron wrapped wooden grip with brass wires.   Diamond section steel blade with ricasso.  Length Overall:   104cm    Weight:  1100gr  Price:  $495.00 US

         2160  German Hand and A Half Sword.  Early Sixteenth Century.  Steel curved hilt with ring protections.  Fig shaped iron pommel with gores in relief.  Long fullered, diamond section steel blade with ricasso.  Long wooden grip thickened in the center.    Length Overall:  122cm   Weight:   1950gr  Price:  $495.00 US

         2169   Ceremony Sword.  North Italy, early Sixteenth Century.  Long diamond section steel blade.  Horizontally recurved steel quillons decorated with floral motif.  Silver plated brass grip with three gold. colored bands.    Sculptural scene in relief in the brass pommel.   Length Overall:   111cm   Weight:  1200gr  Price:  $454.00 US

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